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About Dawn - The Crystal Witch

Tutor at crystal wisdom

Based in Colchester Essex, Dawn aka the Crystal Witch has always followed a magical spiritual path and has been fascinated by the magic of the crystal and mineral kingdom. Dawn received her advanced Crystal Healing Diploma back in 2005, and over the years that followed Dawn added to her knowledge training in different Reiki methods and is a qualified Usui Reiki Master. She is also a Master's in the following Angel Reiki, Spirit Reiki, Sacred Moon Reiki, Celtic Reiki and Crystal Reiki and a professional practitioner in Ear Candling and has a Diploma in Reflexology. 

The Crystal Witch also has a vast amount of reading experience, back in 2017 she channelled her own unique method of Crystal Grid Reading you can find out more here.

Along with her daughters, she runs Earth Spirit Events staying true as she always done to her witchy roots. You can find out more here 

Dawn is a confident down to earth knowledgeable teacher, offering a range of courses/workshops, she makes them fun and enjoyable in a relaxing atmosphere. She is extremely encouraging and has a hands-on element to her courses/workshops which is extremely beneficial to her students. The manuals are very comprehensive, and Dawn offers continuous support afterwards. All of the crystal workshops and courses have been written by Dawn and her crystal Practitioner course is accredited by Balens insurance.

Wish to deepen your crystal knowledge, or have a crystal reading, see what is on offer with Dawn - The Crystal Witch

Smoky quartz freeform crystals
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