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Ready to Connect to your Inner Goddess?

Connect to your Inner goddess in our workshop

As we weave through our hectic everyday lives, we often overlook one essential relationship, the one we have with our inner goddess! It's too easy for us to put the mundane first, work, family, and daily routines, often leaving little time for us to connect to her. Yet, connecting to and nurturing your inner goddess can lead to strong empowerment which in turn can be extremely transformative. To manifest our intentions with the greatest power we have, requires us to be in tune with our inner goddess.

This workshop helps you to connect, create and manifest!

In this powerful master class workshop, you will
Learn how to invoke your Inner Goddess
Learn what is holding you back & how to release it.
Learn positive affirmations.
Learn the principles behind how to Manifest the life of your dreams.
Learn which crystals can help you.
During this fun-filled interactive workshop,
You will be taken on a guided meditation to meet your Inner Goddess
We will be creating an empowerment Pouch and an Abundance Bottle that you can keep and take home with you.
Demonstration on how to do a manifestation candle ritual using herbs and Crystals, Plus much more!!
You will also receive a workshop pack to take home with you.

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