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Dawn aka The crystal witch
Discover your inner witch and wisdom

About us 

At Crystal Wisdom, you can find an extensive range of crystals which include, spheres, wands, hearts to large one-off pieces, as well as tumbled stones, a range of Shungite. Plus, our own hand-crafted unique range of crystal healing jewellery all with wonderful healing properties and energies. Whether you need a stone to help you fall asleep, to aid you in mediation or improve your psychic powers, there are plenty of crystals available to you.

We hand select the majority our crystals from top quality wholesalers who also hand select their crystals and minerals from fair trade mines, from Madagascar, Czech Republic, Afghanistan, Brazil and the UK to name but a few countries. We pride ourselves on quality and stunning unique one-off pieces, over the years we have learnt if you see that WOW crystal buy it, as you may never be lucky enough to see it again.

Our beautiful hand pyrographed crystal grid boards are made from reclaimed wood, crystal grids are perfect for healing, rituals, and manifestation work.

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