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Crystal Magick Workshop
The Crystal Witch
An in-person workshop exploring the magical use of Crystals - Colchester Essex 
Creating infinite, living power with Earth Mother

Dawn has over 30 years of experience in the ways of the wise woman, witchcraft and the mineral kingdom. Dawn offers you the change to join her and learn how to apply practical magic and crystals to your everyday life with simple tips and techniques. 
Thourghout the day we will cover.

  • The Crystal Witch - Crystal Magic Part One!

  • Have you ever wondered how to incorporate the powerful energies of crystals into your spiritual practice? 
    Which crystals enhance your moon workings? 
    How to make crystal oils? 
    In this informative workshop, Dawn will help you apply practical magic and crystals to your everyday life with simple tips and techniques throughout the day. 
    You will learn 
    •    What is Crystal Magick? 
    •    Your Sacred Space
    •    Witches Altar
    •    Magical Crystal Correspondences
    •    Crystal protection and how to make an Energetic Shield of Protection
    •    Cleansing
    •    Ritual Bath/Shower with recipes
    •    Full Moon Energy
    •    New Moon Energy
    •    Moon Crystals 
    •    Full Moon Water 
    •    New Moon Prosperity & Abundance Cheques
    •    How to make a Mother Essence
    •    Crystal Oils
    •    Wheel of the Year
    •    Beltane 
    •    How to make Beltane Potpourri 
    Plus, information for you to celebrate and honour Beltane with some of the correspondences used for this fire festival.
    Dawn will demonstrate how to use a Spell of Cleansing and Shielding with Obsidian Arrowheads. 
    You will learn how to make and take home with you. 
    •    A Magical Oil
    •    Beltane Wish Box
    You will also receive a comprehensive manual plus additional full-colour handouts which include recipes, an informative magical Crystal correspondence list of over 40 crystals, plus an additional manual all about Beltane.

Workshop can be booked for one to one or in small groups of up to 4 people. Date will be muturally arranged once you purchase is completed

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