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Crystal Witch - Crystal Magick Part Two
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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection to the earth? Look no further! In this workshop, we will explore the magical world of the Wise Woman and her sacred practices of working with our earth mother. Get ready to connect with nature and honor the ancestors as we delve into the beliefs and practices that she held dear.

Join us on this exciting adventure and let's discover the magic of the natural world together!

             Throughout the day we will look at...

  • The Wise Woman – Who is she?

  • History of The Wise Woman – The Witch Trials.

  • Gerald Gardner & Modern Witchcraft – Wicca.

  • What is the difference between Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft?

  • Sacred Sites – Sacred Waters

  • Our Ancestors.

  • British Fossils.

  • Meditation - The Yew Tree.

  • Protection – Hag Stones.

  • Book of Shadows – Grimoire

  • Botanical Protection Spell

  • Spell Planning

  • How to make Crystal Candles  

  • How to dress a Spell Candle - Demonstration

  • Embracing The Maiden, Mother and Crone

  • Lapis Lazuli Communication Spell.

  • Witch Bottles.

  • And more!



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You will receive a comprehensive Manuel, all materials for making a crystal spell candle and a Hag Stone Protection Charm, which are yours to take home. plus, additional full-colour handouts which include recipes, Goddesses and their Associations manual plus an additional manual all about Autumn Equinox.

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