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Back To Lemuria
Crystal Workshop & Attunement

Join us for a magical workshop and journey back to the Lost Lands of Lemuria. Connect with the Lemurians and strengthen any existing connections you may have. This is an opportunity to experience the mystical energy of Lemuria and deepen your spiritual practice.

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  • Manual One

  • Lemurian History.

  • The Lost Lands of Mu.

  • Maoi Megaliths.

  • Who were the Lemurian people?

  • Atlantis.

  • Mount Shasta.

  • Codes and Symbols.


  • Manual Two

  • The Lemurian Crystal Keepers.

  • Crystals associated with Lemuria.

  • Identification of different Lemurians.


  • Manual Three Attunement Manual

  • Attunement Meditation

  • Attunement Symbol Meanings.

  • Colours associated with Lemuria.

  • Learn how to connect and work with your Lemurian Crystal.

  • Discover what the Lemurians want you to know.

  • Lemurian Crystal Mandala.  

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