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White Howlite is a beautiful and unique crystal that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Its distinctive white colour and unique marbled patterns make it a favourite among crystal collectors and spiritual practitioners alike. But there’s more to this crystal than just its looks. It is said to possess a range of powerful properties that can bring balance and healing to those who use it.

White Howlite aids in spiritual growth and understanding, improves sleep patterns, calms mood swings, increases creativity, and aids communication skills. It is considered a healing crystal that has so much to offer those seeking mental balance and overall well-being. In the metaphysical realm, it is often used for meditation and spiritual growth due to its calming energy and ability to promote clarity of mind.

Each stone weighs approximately 15-20g.

Size and shape may differ.

Stones sold individually

White Howlite Polished Tumble Stone Healing Crystals