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Intuition & Crytsals

I have worked with crystals for many years, starting out using crystals in my magical practice, and then going on to do a crystal healing diploma, yay…. I can have letters after my name, which doesn’t mean a great deal to a Witch or anyone else if I’m being honest!

Years later crystals grew in popularity, new crystals were found, and different ways of crystal healing had hit the scene. So, I embarked on another Crystal Healing Practitioner course, in which I gained insight and a different method of crystal healing.

I have always been a very down-to-earth person, following my intuition and using crystals in a way that suited me, even after all the training I would just go with the flow when healing, using crystals that I knew needed to be part of that healing session, whether it was for a client or myself. I then went on to write my own Crystal Healing Practitioner course along with several other crystal workshops which I have taught very happily over the last 10 years or so. Students I have taught would hopefully say the main things that are important when working energetically with or without crystals are Grounding, Protection and following your intuition! Whilst I teach body layouts and give students charka grids layouts to use, I will equally say, “If they don’t resonate or your intuition tells you something else do it”!

I was recently facilitating a free workshop at an event, and was discussing a particular pink crystal for use on your heart chakra, I was very quickly pulled up by someone attending the workshop who said, “Isn’t your heart chakra green, or are you one of "THOSE" that just puts any colour on a chakra”? My reply “Yes, you can use green if you wish, but where would you place Rose Quartz”? I then explained my reasoning and why sometimes I use different colour crystals on chakras and talked about using intuition. Which almost came across to this person as an alien concept. We all have our way of doing things, which doesn’t make one person right and the other wrong. Over recent years it appears to me some are not using their intuition when working with crystals, instead, they seem to read something and think it is law in the world of crystals and minerals. Like us each crystal is unique, it has its unique energy and spirit and as crystal workers, we should be respectful of that. Same as we should respect each other if we work differently with our crystals.

Crystals have been here with Mother Earth for billions of years, our ancestors used Crystals all over the globe for thousands of years, and they certainly didn’t have a local bookshop or Google to discover how to use them.

Over the years much has changed in the crystal world, it has become more accessible and acceptable, especially with big-name stars wearing crystal jewellery and putting them in handbags, etc which to a degree has made crystals commercial. To my way of thinking, you can’t just pick a crystal up and expect it to heal yourself or others. Crystals are your friends, the more time and effort you put into getting to know these energetic friends and looking after them the more you will receive from them. They will and can take you to places you have never dreamed of, they will talk to you, guide you and bring you clarity, protect and heal and so much more. Not everything we learn spiritually can be learned from others, or a book, we have to take part in our journey to learn, to know what it feels like to connect to something, not of this realm and our crystal path is no different.

Crystal Blessings to you

The Crystal Witch



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