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Let's create the Magic!

It's been a crazy few weeks at Crystal Wisdom with our revamp and creating magical items. The Crystal Witch has been busy gathering her magical contents, setting her intentions to bring you her range of Intention bottles.

Many have asked what they are so .... Intention bottles known as Witch bottles or spell bottles originated in Europe and have been used for centuries, as a way to protect ourselves and our spaces from bad vibes and negativity. But equally, on the other hand, they can be used to attract peace, happiness, abundance, love, protection & and more. Nowadays they are still used for these purposes but are also used on our magical altar spaces for rituals or as a way to help manifest certain intentions. Hence the name Intention bottles!

Crystals, Herbs, and Salt are all gathered for their magical properties, there is nothing quite like going to the woods and foraging for those special items, and of course, once found, we ask if we can remove them, once permission is given from the land spirit to take from nature we must also remember to say Thank You and leaving an offering is a lovely gesture to, maybe some seeds, they will either grow or the birds will have a good lunch, so never leave offerings that can harm!

Witch bottles are a simple, yet powerful form of folk magick, and their contents and creation are only limited to our intent and imagination.

Another question that is often asked is "Where do I put it "

Many believe that if the intent of your witch bottle is to draw things to you, or if you are trying to manifest something to happen for you personally, then you want to keep your completed witch bottle close to where you are. For instance, if your Witch Intention bottle is for manifesting Prosperity, you may want to place your witch bottle in the very back of a kitchen cabinet so its not disturbed, probably on the top shelf, behind that old jar of pickle onions that nobody uses, it will be really safe there!. The reasoning here is that the intent inside the bottle will continue to stay “in place” as long as the bottle is not disturbed. Back in the days, maybe not so much nowadays, the kitchen was considered to be the heart of the home, the correlation between the heart of the home and the "heart's desires" would make for a perfect corresponding place to hatch the spell and for the jar to serve its purpose. having said that in today's modern world, it may be better placed in your wealth corner, your place of work, in your office etc. Should there come a point when you decide to remove the bottle or feel that it is done serving its purpose, bury the contents at the foot of a tree, returning its energies back to the Earth, and remember to Thank the energies of the contents for the work they did for you.

Blessings the Crystal Witch

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