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Nellite, also known as Lionskin or Honey Stone, is a Quartz silicate that crystallizes in the form of masses. It occurs when Tiger Eye and Pietersite combine. 
Nellite is found in select mines in both South Africa and Namibia. It is extremely rare to come across large deposits. seeing this stone in any form other than tumbled is highly unusual. 
Nellite infuses the creative and courageous energy of Tiger Eye with the intuitiveness and spiritual power of Pietersite.
Nellite helps you to connect to your personal goals, mind and third eye, offering the awareness to better connect those. Working with Nellite will encourage you to take a look at what you truly desire and remind you that what you hope and dream for can become a reality if you believe in yourself and dare to take a risk for yourself.

Stones are sold individually and weigh approx 7-15g

Nellite Lionskin Polished Tumble Stone Healing Crystals