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This beautiful Crystal Grid board depicts four elemental symbols and a central pentacle to help you focus your intention and draw in or send out what you wish to manifest. The pentacle is surrounded by the moon phases incorporated within a mandala.

Designed on Sycamore recycled wood, and finished with a light beeswax polish, they are lightweight and can be carried around with you if required. The grid would also make a wonderful Altar plate.

The wood of sycamore trees is very strong in Wales, people use this wood to carve Love Spoons for their loved ones. In Cornwall, children used to carve whistles, giving sycamore the nickname ‘whistle tree’.

approx 16-18cm square.

Instructions on how to use a grid board will be emailed, please see the additional information section. 

Handcrafted item is created with love, positive intentions and just a little magick )0(


Recycled Wood Crystal Grid Board - Pentacle & Moon Phases